Congratulations and Welcome!

I’m guessing that you’ve landed here because you: 1. LOVE the Adirondack Mountains and 2. are planning a monumental occasion enveloped in the charm that only that Adirondacks can offer.

If I’m right, we should talk. I share in your passion for all-things ADK and want to make sure that you to have the most genuine, heartfelt and vivid wedding pictures imaginable. Photos to cherish for a lifetime along with an experience that exceeds expectations. This is what I’ve wanted for my clients since I began photographing weddings 16 years ago, and what remains my sincere desire today.

Once again, congratulations on this most exciting time.

I’m thrilled for you and the road ahead.

I’d love to learn more about you and what you’re planning. Connect via the contact form, or reach out on Instagram:



tomas flint, founder / lead photographer / ADK lover