Sarah + Brad


I come from Utica, NY – a small town nestled in the Mohawk Valley, right in the center of New York State.  Some refer to it as “Upstate”.  Those in New York City lovingly refer to it as “The Sticks”.  Growing up though, it wasn’t anything but home.  …and some of my most treasured memories involve the Adirondack Mountains.  Adirondack Park is a playground for all.  Over the years, I have been fortunate to schedule trips to the ADK frequently as part of my work schedule.  Blessed experiences, every time.  It’s what it’s all about!

So Sarah & Brad celebrated their marriage on the fabled 7,000 acre Adirondack Paradise grounds of the Ausable Club.  One – or at least I – got the impression that I had just moseyed onto the set of Dirty Dancing when I veered around a line of pine trees and saw the 40,000 sq/ft clubhouse for the first time.  The grounds are spectacular.  Check out this article (click here) or their website (click here) to see what I’m talking about.  OR maybe just stick to the photos below 😉  Surrounded on every side by High Peaks (Mountains in excess of 4,000ft elevation).  I think that I counted 11 of them.  …on an evening when the clouds are hanging low.  Gahhhh, it is simply spectacular.

Big thanks to Drew Jensen of Drew Jensen Photography for helping out as my ‘also’ photographer.  Being back in the Adirondacks feels right when he’s around.  Here’s to many more.  …and to the always on point Mim Franz of Juniper Events in Lake Placid

I consider my work a privilege.  Playing a part in recording the history of families like theirs helps me to illustrate that statement.